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Steering Committee

General Chair:

Magdy F. Iskander,

General Co-Chair:

Barry S. Perlman,

General Co-Chair: (Treasurer)

Michael A. Jensen,

Professor and Director, Hawaii Center for Advanced Communications, University of Hawai'i at Manoa Associate Director for Technology, DARPA and HPC Programs, US Army Research, Development & Engineering Command Professor and Chair, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Brigham Young University

Technical Program Committee

Chair: Co-Chair: Co-Chair:

Zhengqing Yun, HCAC, University of Hawai'I (AP-S) Wayne Shiroma, Electrical Engineering Department, University of Hawai'I (MTT-S) Andy Molisch, University of Southern California (ComSoc)


  • C.

    Balanis, Arizona State University

  • A.

    Barrios, SPAWAR

  • J.

    Bell, Northrop Grumman Corp.

  • C.

    C. Chen, Ohio State University

  • W.

    Chen, Tsinghua University

  • P.

    Cherry, L-3 Communications

  • H.

    J. Chou, Yuanze University

  • S.

    J. Elliott, Northrop Grumman Corp.

  • B.

    Epstein, OpCoast

  • D.

    Errico, University of Illinois Chicago

  • V.

    Fouad Hanna, University of Paris

  • Z.

    Feng, Tsinghua University

  • C.

    Furse, University of Utah

  • W.

    Kim, Raytheon

  • J.

    Lin, University of Florida

  • J.

    Long, Northrop Grumman Corp.

  • P.

    Lorenz, University of Haute Alsace

  • H.

    Nakano, Hosei University

  • T.

    Ohtsuki, Keio University

  • H.

    Pao, LLNL

  • Y.

    Rahmat-Samii, UCLA

  • R.

    Reuss, GTS, Darpa Retired

  • H.

    Sadek, Electronics Research Institute

  • T.

    Sarkar, Syracuse University

  • D.

    Schreurs, University Leuven

  • R.

    Snyder, RS Microwave

  • M.

    Tentzeris, Georgia Tech

  • K.

    Wu, University of Montreal

  • M.

    Vossiek, University of Clausthal

  • J.

    W. Wallace, Jacobs University Bremen

  • K.

    Warnick, Brigham Young University

  • R.

    Weigel, University of Erlangen

  • H.

    S. Youn, University of Hawaii

  • Z.

    Zhang, Tsinghua University

  • D.

    Zuckerman, 2009 President, IEEE


Website and Technical Support

Nuri Celik (Chair), Teri Imanaka, Jill S. Kobashigawa, Soo Yong (Grace) Lim, James Baker, Nobutaka Omaki, Ruthsenne Gagarin, Yip Loon Lee

Hawaii Center for Advanced Communications, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Social Program

Teri Imanaka (Chair), HCAC, University of Hawai'i Sonia Iskander Angela Jensen

Corporate Sponsors

Electronic Division Army Research Office

National Science Foundation


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