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TITLE:  Snow Removal Applications  (maintenance/operations)

TIME:  21 minutes

AGENCY:   Butler /CAT

TAPE NO.  258

DESCRIPTION:  This video discusses the techniques and equipment used on a motorgrader and snow removal applications. Types of snow encounters, road conditions and attachments mounted on the motorgrader for different parts of the country.  Not familiar with equipment refer to a publication titled “ TEVN2947 H Series Motorgrader orientation.

TITLE:  Preventive Maintenance: Project Selection Right Road - Right Treatment-Right Time  (maintenance/operations)

TIME:  30 minutes

AGENCY :  U.S. Dept of Transportation/Federal Highway Administration

TAPE NO.  260

DESCRIPTION: This video discusses the various factors, such as existing pavement condition and environment effects, which must be taken into consideration when selecting the proper pavement for preventive maintenance.  The tape also provides a general overview of the various preventive maintenance treatment options available for both rigid and flexible pavements and their suitability for a given pavement condition.

TITLE:  Forest Roads and the Environment  (maintenance/operations)

TIME:    18 minutes

AGENCY:   USDA Forest Service Engineering  San Dimas Technology and Development Center

TAPE NO.  266 A.

DESCRIPTION:  Provides as an introduction to the maintenance of low volume roads, highlighting issues that benefit from proper maintenance activities such as water temperatures, fish habitat and aggregate surfacing loss.

TITLE:  Reading Beyond the Traveled Way (maintenance/operations)

TIME:    16 minutes

AGENCY:  USDA Forest Service Engineering, San Dimas Technology and Development Center

TAPE:  266 C.

DESCRIPTION: Considers the natural functions happening beyond the roadway (rain, erosion) and how to use that knowledge before beginning maintenance operations to help minimize significant impacts on the road.  Covers gullies, cracks and slumps, roadside

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