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Various techniques of bridge inspection for a two-man team.  Team checks tools and equipment and organizes field trip to assigned bridges.  Program shows a run-through of a bridge inspection and examples of various bridges prestressed concrete beams.  Historical information on the development and fabrication of prestressed concrete beams is included.

17Repair of Depressions, Rutting and Corrugations - IRF

13 minutes

Videocassette presents a basic method for repairing rutted, corrugated, and depressed road surfaces.  Covered are steps to fill in low areas with asphalt concrete, and to overlay with a wearing course.  Program describes how to use this method with a motor grader in eight work steps.

18Reshaping Earth and Gravel Shoulders - IRF

15 minutes

Videocassette shows proper procedures for reshaping earth and gravel shoulders, (without adding material) to correct shoulder drop-off rutting, build-up of material, and excessive weed growth to maintain a safe shoulder with proper cross slope.  Nine steps are outlined, and tools and equipment are described.

21Regraveling  - IRF

17 minutes

Videocassette discusses the planning and coordination to restore road

wearing surfaces.  Noted are the repairs necessary prior to regraveling.  Equipment and materials are outlined.  A six-step regravling procedure ispresented; placing traffic control, reshaping and compacting the subgrade,hauling and placing granular material, spreading and compacting the material, and removing traffic control devices.

22#1 Common Maintenance Problems and Causes -  IRF

21 minutes

Presentation covers maintenance problems on pavement surfaces, road bases and subbases, earth and gravel roads, shoulder drainage facilities, bridges, and roadside areas.  Program identifies main causes of problems and guides participates to do the maintenance work.

23Replenishing Earth and Gravel Shoulders -  IRF

19 minutes

Nine work steps are covered of the restoration of gravel shoulders by

adding new material.  Tape shows the preparation of the existing shoulder, placement and spreading of additional material, and compacting of the material.  Equipment and materials, and their proper uses are also covered.

24Smoothing and Reshaping of Earth and Gravel Roads -  IRF

21 minutes

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