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Videocassette has two parts; smoothing and reshaping.  Each part has an equipment requirement, an overview of  work steps, and a work step summary.  Planning and preparing the work, and check the cross slopes at straight and curved sections are also covered.

25Patching Unpaved Roads - FHWA

11 minutes

A manual method is described for repairing surface defects such as

potholes, ruts, gullies, and soft spots on unpaved roads.  An eight-step procedure provides for a long-lasting repair.  The proper maintenance practices for preparing the hole, filling it with granular materials, and compacting the material are detailed.  A quick test for moisture contentis also described.

26Guidelines For Spring Highway Use - United States/DOT

26 minutes

Utilization of roads subject to spring break-up.

27Base and Sub-Base Repair - IRF

16 minutes

Presentation outlines 9-step base repair system.  These steps include

placing traffic control devices, marking the limits for repair, cutting thepavement, removing all unsuitable material, installing subdrainage, restoring subgrade and base, replacing pavement surface, cleaning worksite,

and removing traffic control devices.  Also covered are on-site moisture tests.

28Mechanical Cleaning of Unlined Ditches  - IRF

20 minutes

This provides a review of ditch structure and its function, and selection of the type of equipment to be used (motor grader or excavator) depending on ditch conditions.  Also covered a replanning the job, setting traffic control, cleaning ditch and adjacent culvert inlets and outfalls, disposing of  unwanted material, cleaning the site, inspecting the job, and removing traffic control devices.

29Cleaning of Lined Ditches, Culverts and Catch Basins - IRF

16 minutes

Proper procedures for manual cleaning of lined ditches, culverts, and

catch basins are demonstrated in this videotape.  Procedure consists of

placing traffic signs, assigning  the work, removing and disposing of all debris and obstructions, inspecting for damage, minor repairs, cleaning worksite, and removing traffic signs.

30Single and Multiple Surface Treatments -  IRF

14 minutes

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