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Course covers good surface treatments on paved and unpaved roads.

Covered are; advanced repairs of surface; testing equipment, especiallythe asphalt distributions; checking the weather forecast during theoperation; materials required; how to apply asphalt; spreading and compacting the aggregate; and how to obtain smooth transverse and longitudinal joints.

31Pothole Repair in Surface Treatment Pavement - IRF

13 minutes

Videocassette clearly outlines an 8-step procedure for surface treated

road repairs including the placing of traffic control devices, marking

damaged areas, cutting out and removing damaged material, filling holes with granular material, compacting fill material, sealing surfaces with liquid asphalt and cover aggregate, cleaning the worksite, and removing trafficcontrol devices.

32#15 Cleaning and Clearing of Bridges - IRF

13 minutes

Program describes what, why, and how to clean bridges and components.  It includes procedures for cleaning bridge decks, drain holes, drain spouts, expansion joints, signs and reflectors, unauthorized writing or painting,  bearing assemblies, pier caps and abutments, and removing debris and waterway obstructions.

33Concrete Bridge Deck Repair  - IRF

18 minutes

Program covers permanent repair of partial and full-depth bridge deck holes with cement.  Covered are the proper uses of tools and equipment for cutting concrete, cleaning our holes and reinforcing steel, building the form, preparing the concrete, and placing and finishing the concrete.  Also described is the correct curing method.

34Importance of Roadway Drainage -  Vermont LRP

60 minutes

Lecture-type training tape emphasizes the importance of good roadway drainage.  The tape stresses the need for a proper inventory of culvert,drainage areas, and problem areas.

36Blading Unpaved Roads  -  FHWA

22 minutes

Course is designed to teach operator trainees to understand basic concepts of  the construction and maintenance of unpaved roads, perform the  required daily maintenance on a motor grader, and operate the grader to maintain unpaved roads.

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