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37Motor Graders: Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4  -  Nebraska/DOT

73 minutes

Lessons covers motor grader operation and is designed to teach new

employees with no grader experience.  Emphasis is placed on daily

preventive maintenance; starting and shutting down the engine blade

positions; basic maneuvering; and operation techniques to use on some major work activities.

43Surface Treatment Equipment Calibration  - Pennsylvania/DOT

17 minutes

This videocassette provides instruction on surface treatment and equipment  operations.

44Drainage Pipe Installation - Pennsylvania/DOT

18 minutes

Programs primary emphasis is on proper compaction techniques.  Includes lesson plan for determining slope and grade.

45Preventive Maintenance Dump Truck Operation - Nebraska/DOT

85 minutes

Tapes cover the essentials for developing basic skills in equipment driving.  Emphasis is placed on daily preventive maintenance, starting and shutting down the engine, shifting gears, and maneuvering procedures.  Safety precautions are covered as appropriate.

46Planning and Organizing for the Snowstorm -  Pennsylvania/DOT

10 minutes

Acquaints maintenance personnel with methods for planning for the season.

50Backing:  "You Owe It To Yourself"  - Pennsylvania/DOT

10 minutes

Familiarizes equipment operators with proper backing procedures.  Outlines proper procedures for backing methods for reducing backing accidents.

52Ten-Wheel Dump Trucks - Delaware/DOT

22 minutes

Videocassette presents the start-up, operation, and shutdown procedures for 10-wheel dumptrucks.  The start-up inspection follows the usual procedures required by most equipment preventive maintenance programs. The discussion features transmission, gearing, and shifting.

55Standard Laboratory Controls For Soil-Cement Mixtures  

18 minutes

Oregon Cement Association

Laboratory procedures for determining proper percentage of soil-cement.

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