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behind parent that the abducting parent would get cross and tell him off whenever he would ask when the left-behind parent was coming to get him. Another residential parent did not know where the children were for nearly 18 months while they were away. They have reported to that parent their belief during that time that she had died27 which was not denied by the abducting parent. A non-residential father, who no longer has contact with his daughter since the mother was given leave to remove from the jurisdiction, (in spite of detailed contact arrangements that were put in place by the Court granting leave to remove to the mother) did not have contact at all during the 1-year period that the child was abducted to the United States before being

returned avoiding they had







contact between the child(ren) and the other thought the child(ren) would not have to see

parent again and, therefore, avoided contact so child(ren) could more easily forget the other parent.

admitted parent as the other that the

In this context it is illuminating to consider the comments of one of the adults abducted as a child who described how she had no contact with the left-behind parent while away. She explained that she began to believe what the abducting parent told her about the other parent regarding the purported domestic violence that the abducting parent had suffered. She said that she forgot about the left-behind parent and that the time away felt like a holiday but, when she saw the left-behind parent again, she realised how much she had missed him. Another of the adults abducted as a child reported being told how dangerous the left- behind parent was and coming to believe this. 28

These insights give an indication of the motives that may lie

behind actions

the keeping of a child from the other may, of course, be protective and, in

parent. Such some cases, a

27 28 The child interviews are confirmatory regarding this issue. One of the child interviewees said that he thought the reason he had been abducted when so young was precisely because he was not able to keep in contact with the left-behind parent and did not have a mobile phone or any way of independently making contact.

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