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Where both parents were interviewed, the experience of the 2 parents in this respect was different in 2 of the 6 cases involved. In the first of these 2 cases the abducting parent states that the children were angry at the time of the abduction and have since asked why that parent abducted and why that parent did not prepare them for what was being planned. The other parent in this case states that the children do not discuss their feelings and says that they do not remember anything about that time. In the second of these 2 cases, the abducting parent states that the child talks about the place where they stayed during the time they

were away but not about them there. The other discussions with the child

the underlying issues of parent in this case has regarding the abduction.

what brought not had any

Where the interviewed parent did report discussions with the child(ren) on these matters, the discussions have included, in addition to those comments set out above in the cases where the parents’ experiences have not coincided on this matter:-


expressions of anger from the child towards the interviewed left-behind parent for not coming to collect the child,

  • (ii)

    the distress of the child when hearing people refer to the interviewed abducting parent as an abductor,

  • (iii)

    questions from the child to the left-behind interviewed parent about the possible consequences for the other parent as a result of the abduction,

(iv) statements from the child(ren) to the interviewed parent regarding their confidence of seeing that parent again and reports of excitement at being the centre of attraction while away with the other parent,


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