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Erin DiCesare, Humanities, Surveillance, Interactivity, and Reality TV: Creating a Society of Compliance (Spring 2010)

William Lawson, No Small Thing: A Rhetorical Analysis of the 1963 Mississippi Freedom Vote (Summer 2008)

Monwipa Wongrujira, Democratizing Communication: Media Activism and Broadcasting Reform in Thailand (Spring 2008)

Yarma Velázquez Vargas, The Commodification of Sexuality: A Critical Analysis of Queer Eye (Spring 2008)

Ginevra Adamoli-Kalbli Azmat Rasul Mehnaz Gul Wanda Fenimore Erik Peterson Chuck Ryor Melisa Reddick, Humanities Valerie Baumeister, Humanities

Master’s Theses, Chaired

Beth Walker Frady, Broadcast Media Sourcing: A Case Study of the 2010 Health Care Debate (Fall 2011)

Shea Smock, Whose Interests are being Served? A Political Economic Comparison of Network and Public News Transcripts Surrounding McConnell v. Federal Election Commission and Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (Summer 2011)

Lauren Asmus, Milking the Media: The U.S. Political Economy’s Obstruction of Food Free Speech (Summer 2010)

Grace Keenan, The Political Economy of Independent Films: A Case Study of Kevin Smith Films (Spring 2009)

Jonothan Lewis

Master’s Theses, Committee Member

Yu Xiu, Textual Analysis of the Human Flesh Search Engine: A Special Case of Online Group (Spring 2012)

Derrick Shannon, A Portrait of the Activist as a Yes Man: Examining Culture Jamming and its Actors through the Circuit of Culture (Spring 2011)

Kurniawan Saputro, The Pitying Witnesses: An Exploratory Study of the Indonesian Audiences Reception of Listen to Our Voice and Operation Fine Girl (Spring 2009)

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