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Fill-in-the-Blank. Supply the missing word(s) or term(s) to complete the sentence.

1. The __________________________________ Amendment clarified aspects of Electoral College voting.

2. Decorating war heroes is an example of the president's role as chief ________________ ________________.

3. The president is constitutionally bound to execute, or enforce, treaties, acts of Congress, and the judgments of  

   federal courts in his role as __________________________ _________________________.

4. Except in cases of impeachment, the Constitution gives the president the power to grant _________________

   and _______________________ for offenses against the United States.

5. _______________ __________________ made between the president and other heads of state greatly enhance

   presidential power in foreign affairs.

6. Powers given to the president by law are called __________________ ____________________.

7. The formal indictment of the president by the House of Representatives is called ______________________.

8. The presidential advisory group composed of the Secretaries of the executive departments is called the


9. The White House Office is coordinated by the ____________ __________ _______________.

10. The only duty of the vice-president found in the Constitution is to preside over the ____________________.

True/False. Circle the appropriate letter to indicate if the statement is true or false.

1. T   F  A presidential candidate cannot win the Electoral College vote without getting a  majority of the

            Popular vote.

2. T   F  In most democratic governments, the role of chief of state is given to someone other than the chief


3. T   F  The president's extensive appointment powers allow him to control and run the federal bureaucracy to

             suit his desires.

4. T   F The president may grant reprieves and pardons for all offenses against the United States except in cases

            of contempt of court.

5. T    F  The president has the sole power to recognize or refuse to recognize foreign governments.

6. T   F  Executive agreements made by the president with the heads of other governments must be ratified by  

             the Senate.

7. T   F  The presidential veto is an effective legislative tool because Congress rarely can override it.

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