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8. T   F  Emergency powers are an example of inherent powers exercised by the president.

9. T   F  The president is required by law to spend all monies appropriated by Congress.

10. T   F Most presidents have relied heavily on their cabinet members for advice in decision-making.

Multiple-Choice. Circle the correct response.

1.  The most common occupation of presidents has been

a. teachers. b. lawyers.

c. businessmen. d. farmers.

2. In the event that no candidate receives a majority of Electoral College votes, the president is selected by the

a. Senate from the two candidates receiving the highest electoral votes.

b. Senate from any candidates receiving electoral votes.

c. Congress from any person they choose to elect.

d. House of Representatives choosing from the highest three candidates receiving electoral votes.

3.  The activity most typical of the Chief of State role is

a. developing military strategy.

b. delivering the State of the Union Address.

c. negotiating treaties with foreign governments.

d. receiving visiting chiefs of state at the White House.

4.  The president can remove all of the following from office EXCEPT

a. federal judges. b. the heads of cabinet departments.

c. individuals within the Executive Office of the President. d. political appointees.

5.  The constitutional requirement that the president "shall be the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy"

     is to:

a. require the president to be a commissioned officer.

b. distort the lines of authority within the command structure of the armed forces.

c. require the president to take instruction at one of the service academies.

d. place the armed forces under civilian, rather than military, control.

6.  The role in which the president has probably exercised more authority is

a. Chief Administrator. b. Chief of his party.

c. Commander-in-Chief. d. Chief Legislator.

7.  The activity typical of the role of Chief Diplomat is

a. vetoing foreign policy legislation.

b. delivering the State of the Union Address.

c. meeting with state governors to discuss federal aid.

d. negotiating treaties with foreign governments.

8.  A typical activity associated with the role of Chief Legislator is

a. recognizing representatives from foreign governments.

b. negotiating treaties with foreign governments.

c. meeting with state party leaders to discuss campaign strategy.

d. offering the annual State of the Union Address.

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