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Project summary

An important aspect in building knowledge economy is an ability of organizations to assess their knowledge capital. Technologies and knowledge are becoming a key factor in productivity growth. This is the reason why companies support knowledge management projects in their organizations and strive to use their knowledge management to the largest possible extent. The objective of the project is to support companies heading towards the knowledge economy by extending existing and creating new models, algorithms, technologies and tools that can help organizations in their transition to a knowledge oriented corporation. Such transition should be preceded by an analysis and processing of information resources in organizations including documents, electronic communication and databases in an effect to manage and create availability and sharing of relevant information and knowledge. The project focuses in particular on the areas of knowledge modeling, service oriented architectures, distributed knowledge bases, semantic annotation, knowledge mining, case based reasoning and statistical methods. Special attention is devoted to processing of information resources in the Slovak language, where techniques based on neural networks and ontologies will be used.

Scientific goals for the first period of this project

  • 1.

    Analysis of suitable models, methods and algorithms to support knowledge processes and processing of information resources in an organization.

  • 2.

    Design of methods and algorithms to support knowledge processes for knowledge management, support of service oriented architectures and creation of distributed knowledge bases based on ontologies.

  • 3.

    Design of models for searching information from documents in the Slovak language considering its flexibility via neural networks.

Scientific goals for the second period of this project

  • 1.

    Development of methods and algorithms suitable for support of knowledge processes in organizations on the basis of existing analyzed methods and algorithms from the field of knowledge management, web services, semantics, neural networks, case based reasoning, stochastic and statistic methods.

  • 2.

    Development of models for searching documents by key words, phrases and context in the Slovak language considering its flexibility applying a hybrid approach on the basis of neural networks and document models based on ontology based document representation.

  • 3.

    Implementation of models, methods and algorithms.

  • 4.

    Development of supporting integration architecture based on the service oriented architecture principles.

  • 5.

    Verification of models, methods and algorithms on selected testing domain.


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