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b) Particular contribution expected Knowledge Modeling, Models and Organizational Memories

In distributed knowledge bases we will direct attention first of all to research and development of distributed methods for storing and management of knowledge. The objective will be creation of distributed environment on the basis of peer-to- peer networks allowing simple, scalable access and easy connection for organization users as well as inter-organizational interconnection. Explicit knowledge modeling via rules and scripts will simplify the development environment for knowledge creation and processing and thus enabling simple creation and presentation of methods for knowledge management in organizations.

Ontological models supporting document and electronic communication classification and processing are expected to be introduced.

Information Resources in Organizations and their Processing

Expected contribution is the use of models and algorithms of neural networks and their adaptation to the Slovak language. It is possible to link representation of queries and documents in Slovak on the basis of document models represented by neural networks with domain representation of document collection via ontology; and to design powerful document retrieval algorithms using key words, phrases and context in the Slovak language considering its flexibility and inflexive endings by means of hybrid approaches on the basis of neural networks and document models based on domain representation using ontologies.

Information resources will be also processed by semantic annotation, while the focus will be on research of ontological metadata of information resources within designed ontological models. This should enable better categorization and information resources and knowledge context retrieval.

Availability, Management and Sharing of Information Resources

The subject of the research will be prospects and approaches in sharing information and knowledge retrieved by processing information resources via semantic web services and service oriented architectures as well as cooperation and knowledge sharing among users on the basis of user context and information resources context, where we anticipate results in active semi-automatic retrieval of relevant information and knowledge through the designed model and context processing algorithms.

Further contribution should be research in the field of knowledge maintenance and knowledge models and related research in the area of formalized knowledge visualization for experts and common users. This embraces development of approaches for evaluation and maintenance of knowledge by common users including voting or ranking on information and knowledge relevance.

c) Proposal of the ways to reach the project goals, including timetable The project solution will be divided into two periods reflecting designed objectives.

The first period is devoted to an analysis of models, methods and algorithms for information resource processing and support of knowledge processes in organizations. The analysis will be followed by the design of appropriated models, methods and algorithms.

The second period will give models, the methods and algorithms a more specific character that will result in implementation. Methods, algorithms and models will be integrated in the designed architecture; this should ensure their coordination and work over common information resources as well as a consistent approach to final information and knowledge. The models, algorithms and methods will be tested and evaluated on chosen application domains.

Timetable is divided to 36 months as shown in the table:









9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36

Period 1 1 Analysis 2 Alg & Mth Design 3 Models Design Period 2 1 Mth & Alg Devel 2 Models Devel 3 Implementation 4 Architecture 5 Testing & Eval


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