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The Baugh Family of Logan County, Kentucky, continued_________

Figure 11. Martin S. and Susan (Baugh) Hines. (Courtesy Robert Myrl Hines).

and assault and battery. For that the said Joshua King on the said day in the year of 1832 with force and with his arms, he assaulted the said Abra- ham G. Baugh, to wit, at the circuit and in the county aforesaid, and he then and there gave the said Baugh with his fist a blow in the face of him the said Baugh, and with great force and violence seized and laid hold of the said Baugh by his nose and pulled and squeezed the same, and then and there plucked, pulled, and tore large quantities of hair from and off the head of him the said Baugh, and then and there with a certain stick, and with his fists gave and struck the said Baugh a great many violent blows on and about his head, face, breast, back, shoulders, arms, legs, and diverse other parts of his body and also, then and there with great force and violence, shook and pulled about him the said Baugh and cast and threw him the said Baugh down to and upon the ground, and then and there violently kicked the said Baugh and gave and struck him a great many other blows and strokes, and also then and there with great force and violence rent, tore, and damaged the clothes and wearing apparel, to wit, one coat, one waist coat, one pair of breeches, one cravat, one shirt, one pair of stockings, and one hat of the said Baugh of great value, to wit, of the value of fifty dollars, which the said Baugh then and there wore and was clothed with, to wit, at the circuit and county aforesaid. And also for the said Joshua King on the day and year aforesaid, he then and there acted against the peace and dignity of this com- monwealth, and to the damages of the said Baugh of $500 and therefore he brings his suit.”

Kentucky to Texas. Arslan found a Civil War pension application for A. G. Baugh IV filed in Wise County, Tx. as a Confederate applicant: Baugh, A. G. appli- cation #20346.55

Joshua King’s lawyer, P.H. Smith, for Defendant, wrote King’s statement, as follows.

In 1832 at the age of twenty-seven, Abraham G. Baugh III brought a lawsuit against Joshua King for trespassing. This angered King who beat Abram with his hands and also with a stick. Abram refiled his law suit to include assault and battery. The case was tried 24 Dec. 1832, in Logan Circuit Court.

Abraham G. Baugh (Plaintiff) vs Joshua King (Defendant)

Abram’s lawyer, W. Drane, for Plaintiff, docu- mented Abram’s statement as follows (with some of the repetition deleted)

Statement for Plaintiff: “Abraham G. Baugh complains of Joshua King on a plea of trespassing

Figure 12. Verner and Sarah (Bean) Baugh at their wedding

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