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Twin Tec

TCFI III and ThunderMax® Comparison


The Twin TEC TCFI III system includes the TCFI III engine control module (ECM) and a separate WEGO IIID wide- band oxygen sensor interface. The TCFI III module directly plugs into the original equipment (OE) wiring harness. The WEGO IIID requires separate power and ground connections and two signal output wires that are attached to the OE ECM connector. The equivalent Thundermax® closed loop system has the auto-tune (wide-band oxygen sensor interface) module mounted on top of the ECM. Connections to the ThunderMax® ECM are made via the OE data link connector. During initial installation, this approach saves a few minutes time.

T h e T w i n T e c W E G O I I I D a n d s u p p l i e d B o s c h L S U 4 . 2 w i d e b a n d s e n s o r s u s e s m a l l D e u t s c h 6 t e r m i n a l c o n n e c t o r s . T h e T h u n d e r M a x ® a u t o - t u n e m o d u l e a n d s u p p l i e d B o s c h L S U 4 . 2 s e n s o r s u s e t h e l a r g e a n d b u l k y Bosch connectors. Routing these large Bosch connectors through narrow frame openings is difficult. Most shops have the terminals and crimping tool required to service Deutsch connectors as these are a standard connector family on Harley-Davidsonmotorcycles. For custom installations on a Twin Tec TCFI III system, it is a relatively s i m p l e m a t t e r t o s h o r t e n t h e o x y g e n s e n s o r c a b l e s t o t h e e x a c t r e q u i r e d l e n g t h a n d c r i m p o n n e w t e r m i n a l s ( t h e connector housings are re-useable). This is not possible with the Bosch connectors used on the ThunderMax system. ®

Figure 1 – Wide-Band Oxygen Sensor Connectors

Note that the large Bosch connector requires a minimum 1-1/2” diameter hole for clearance whereas the smaller Deutsch connector will fit through a 15/16” diameter hole.

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