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Figure 4 – Editing Advance Table in SmartLink

The PC Link software uses 250 or 500 RPM steps and 2 In-Hg manifold pressure (MAP) steps. You can select a range of cells with the mouse, right click to bring up the Modify dialog box, and enter a value such as -4 in the example shown in Figure 3 to take out 4 degrees in the selected cells. The SmartLink software has 32 individual advance tables for 256 RPM steps. Each table has 64 throttle position steps given in odd degree values from zero to 88.7 (corresponding to wide open throttle). The same editing operation would require dozens of mouse clicks to select individual points and hundreds of keyboard strokes (down arrow) to make the required changes. A simple editing task that would take 15 seconds in PC Link might require 15 minutes in SmartLink. We have never seen any other engine management system software, automotive or motorcycle, that had such cumbersome editing.

The PC Link software allows printing out tables with the printout showing both the 3D table and the spreadsheet values. SmartLink has no provision for printing tables. One would have to use third party screen capture software to accomplish this task.


The Twin Tec TCFI III module has internal data logging that automatically stores data for the last hour of operation at 10 samples/second. Twin Tec TCFI Log software allows both real time display of all engine data on an instrument panel screen or chart display of downloaded data. On the chart display, you can easily select data to be displayed, scroll back and forth over the entire data, and print out the chart. The ThunderMax® module has no internal data logging. SmartLink software allows basic display and logging of engine data while the PC is attached. Display is limited to relatively primitive bar graph gauges for data selected by the user. SmartLink has no provision for printing any logged data.

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