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Organization subject to recall or removal in the event of the Chapter's suspension or deactivation. The Chapter's officers shall have the absolute responsibility and obligation to maintain the custody and control over the General Organization's property when so requested by the General Organization or any Committee having authority to require same pursuant to this Constitution.”

    • ii.

      Each Brother is personally responsible for protecting the privacy of Alpha Phi Alpha Paraphernalia:

          • a.

            Once initiated, each Brother should discuss the disposition of their Alpha paraphernalia with their loved ones in the event of their demise.

          • b.

            Part of any Brother’s estate planning should be the designation of an Alpha Brother to receive his paraphernalia or instructions for his loved ones to contact the local chapter for disposition.

    • v.

      Brothers should be vigilant in the disposal of unusable paraphernalia.

      • a.

        Once paraphernalia is no longer usable, the material should be destroyed by burning.

      • b.

        Official fraternity pins (e.g., Official Badge, Life Member Pin, Twenty-Five Year Pin, and Fifty-Year Pin) should be given to another brother, the local chapter or the National Organization to prevent it from getting into the hands of a non-member or even worst … end up being traded on an on-line auction site such as E-Bay.

  • vii.

    The local Chapter or Chapter Advisor shall be responsible for retrieving paraphernalia after a Brother enters Omega Chapter:

        • 

          Thirty days (30) after a Brother enters Omega Chapter, the local chapter or chapter advisor should send a letter to the family inquiring about the disposition of paraphernalia. It is hoped that the Chapter President, Chapter Advisor and/or the Chapter Chaplin would have had some prior conversations with the family immediately prior to and after the Omega Service. A sample letter is included in Attachment A.

        • 

          If there is no response from the family in thirty days (30), the local chapter president/chapter advisor should contact the family, verbally.

        • 

          NOTE: The family should not be harassed in any way. If the family is not responsive or hostile, simply drop the issue.

        • 

          Once used paraphernalia is received, it should be added to the chapter’s archives, sent to the Corporate Headquarters or disposed of by burning.

        • 

          The exception to this rule is the Official Badge, Life Member Pin, Twenty-Five Year Pin, and Fifty-Year Pin. These items must be returned to Corporate Headquarters or given to a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. The disposition of these official insignias should be included on the Notice of Initiation into the Omega Chapter. Please see Attachment A.

SECTION III.4. The Use of Official Alpha Emblems and Insignia (#)

    • 4.1

      Official Colors

        • i.

          The official colors of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. are BLACK and OLD GOLD.

      • ii.

        The official paint code numbers for Alpha are as follows: Gold (metallic) PM5872; Old Gold PMS131; and Black 000000.

    • 4.2

      Official Flower

        • i.

          The official flower of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is the Yellow Rose.

      • ii.

        When ordering flowers for Alpha functions, funeral sprays, Fraternity Queens and Sweethearts, etc, the yellow rose should be included in the bouquet.

      • iii.

        Where cost is a consideration, other yellow flowers may be substituted or combined with the yellow rose.

      • iv.

        In no case should any Alpha flower arrangements include black flowers.

    • 4.3

      The Fraternity Shield

        • i.

          The “Fraternity Shield” is the official emblem of the Fraternity.

      • ii.

        A complete description of the design is contained in the Ritual and should never be shared with a non-member.

      • iii.

        The “Fraternity Shield” should never be worn on rings, sweetheart pins and other small jewelry, sweaters, fraternity house equipment, etc. 12

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