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      • 5.

        Financial Secretary

      • 6.

        Associate Editor to the Sphinx™

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      • 9.

        Director of Educational Activities

      • 10.

        Chairman of Membership Intake

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      • 12.

        Protocol Chairman

  • vi.

    Committee Chairs

    • 1.

      In Alphabetical Order


    • i.

      The General President is the official spokesperson and representative of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (#)

  • ii.

    Upon the initial entrance or introduction of the General President at an official fraternal function, a public meeting, or any other public function, members should rise in recognition of the Office. (#)

  • iii.

    Every effort should be made to ensure that all courtesies are extended to include complimentary registration or admittance (where appropriate), housing, and all necessary transportation as deemed appropriate.

  • iv.

    The Past General Presidents should be afforded the same courtiers as the current sitting General President.

    • v.

      The Regional Vice-President (RVP) and the Assistant Regional Vice President (ARVP) are the official representatives of their respective Region. During Regional functions, the RVP and ARVP should be extended the same courtesies; recognition and services accorded the General President.

  • vi.

    The District Director (DD) and the Assistant District Director (ADD) are the official representatives of their respective District. During District functions, the DD and ADD should be extended the same courtesies; recognition and services accorded the General President.


  • i.

    The local Chapter(s) or host Region, to mark the visit of the General President, should host a Welcome Reception.

  • ii.

    Local, County and State dignitaries (i.e., Mayor, Councilman, Governor or Legis lators) should be invited to participate in the reception.

  • iii.

    Local dignitaries should be encouraged to make appropriate presentations (e.g., key to the city, proclamations, etc.) to the General President during the visit.

Receiving Line

    • i.

      The formal receiving line is rarely used at most functions.

  • ii.

    In most instances, a reception has been accepted as a more effective and congenial way to enable Officers and visiting VIPs to interact and meet Brothers and their guests.

  • iii.

    It’s important to remember that the success or tone of both public and private events may be dependent on advanced planning of the receiving line, holding area, and dais protocol.

  • iv.

    If the event calls for a formal receiving line, attention should be paid to the formation of the line to assure a good and uninterrupted flow of traffic, not blocking exits and walkways.

    • v.

      The line should reflect the following order:

      • a.

        Local/Host Chapter President, host District Director, host Assistant District Director, host Regional Vice-President, and host Assistant Regional Vice-President, who would introduce guests to the General President (in turn, introductions are made henceforth):

        • 

          General President and spouse, if applicable

        • 

          Special Guests

        • 

          Regional Vice-President(s)

        • 

          Assistant Regional Vice-President(s)

        • 

          District Director(s)

        • 

          Assistant District Director(s)

        • 

          Local Chapter President(s)

        • 

          Other special Fraternal Officials or Dignitaries (VIPs)

Holding Room or Assembly Room

i. ii .

The holding room should be an enclosed space/room in close proximity to the main meeting room. Dignitaries should be informed of the location of the room in the formal invitation .


15th Draft 9/18/07

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