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Alpha Fraternity, Inc. requested that the document become a National document after reviewing the fourth draft. The current National Strategic lan calls for presenting the document to the National Board of Directors for approval. Therefore, a National Protocol and Etiquette Committee with representation from all regions was convened on September 18, 2007.

This initial document was developed by a steering committee of graduate and college Brothers. The committee was chaired by Bro. John H. Carter (Eta Lambda) and included, Charles Flack (Eta Lambda), Mario D. Hairston (Eta Lambda), Darryl Hicks (Eta Lambda), Sherman M. Lofton, Jr. (Omicron Phi Lambda), Herman A. Lum (Eta Lambda), Elliot Mizell (Gamma Sigma Lambda), Oz Roberts (Delta Iota Lambda); Gregory Reddrick, Jr. (Nu Mu) and Marques J. Wilkes (Omicron Mu Lambda). Editing and formatting was provided by Bro. Sherman Lofton, Jr. (Omicron Phi Lambda). While several chapters were provided the opportunity to provide comments, the following chapters actually responded: Nu Mu Chapter and Gamma Sigma Lambda Chapter. Our sincere thanks to Bro. Derrick Fordjour for providing permission to utilize a copy of his limited edition print, “An Experiment in Brotherhood,” on our front cover.

Each chapter should establish a protocol committee and elect a Protocol Chairman. All chapter members should be trained on this manual. A sample certificate is included in Attachment V. This manual will be updated annually by the National Protocol Committee.


What it Means to be a Brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

The seven men who had the foresight to initiate the African-American Greek Revolution in America were men of distinction and class. Beginning as a social and literary club, the Alpha Phi Alpha founders were desirous of founding an organization of sophisticated, cultured and erudite men.

Therefore, from its beginning, men selected to become members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. were destined to be men of culture, higher caliber, and character. In his 1982 publication, “An Alpha Man in Action, Guidelines for Wholesome Living,” Brother Moses General Miles wrote, “Each Alpha is a Good man, an Honest man, a Worthy man, and a Knowledgeable man… Just remember when better men are made, Alpha will make them.” In order to be first of all and servants of all, Alphas must transcend all. The characteristics of an Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Man can be summed up in sevens words: versatile, scholarly, ambitious, gentlemanly, tenacious, obedient and deferent.

VERSATILITY requires each Alpha Man to move with ease from one task to another and adopt himself quickly to any given situation. This versatility is displayed daily. Rudyard Kipling’s infamous poem, "If", assures all Alpha Men that they must “walk with kings, nor lose the common touch.”

The SCHOLASTIC performance of an Alpha Man is expected to exceed the norm. All Alpha Men are AMBITIOUS men, and the Fraternity’s past history will more than adequately attest to this statement. High ideals and lofty accomplishments have never been lacking among the Brothers in this Fraternity. The ideals of an Alpha Man should be such now as to warrant intensive study in their particular field of concentration in college or the world of work.

Alpha Phi Alpha prides itself in the selection of men of GENTLEMANLY demeanor. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Men mu st carry themselves in a gentlemanly manner at all times…their association with the opposite sex will as Lord Chesterfield says, “always be honorable.” Alpha Men are always chivalrous and are the first to open doors for females, remove their hats indoors and respect and protect women at all cost. The conversation of an Alpha Man is always polished and worthy of imitation and emulation. Likewise, their range of topics is vast, and their quotations, if any, are well documented and authenticated. An important aspect of a gentleman is his dress. This matter of dress can be adequately summed up in one sentence: “Alpha Men are impeccably dressed at all times.” Alpha Men always understand that a clean shirt, shined shoes, neat hair-trim, and clean fingernails have never proven to be offensive to anyone.

Alpha Men are also TENACIOUS. Without the will to succeed, any minor obstacle coming along one’s path could divert one from his goal. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Men understand that tenacity will be required at all things attempted. “Success begins with a fellow’s will –it’s all in the state of mind.”


15th Draft 9/18/07

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