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Moving Spirits On to the Light

Written by Pamela Heath M.D., Psy.D www.pamelaheath.com

(Please note: You can also listen to a briefer version this article as an mp3 audio file for free download here...)

I love moving spirits onto the light. Sometimes it’s a challenge, but mostly I enjoy the opportunity it gives me to be creative. The options are only as limited as your imagination. And you don't have to be in the place as the spirits you are moving on. In fact, sometimes with unpleasant entities it is even an advantage to work from a distance. Remember, time and space do not exist. Here is everywhere. So, there is no reason you can't shift a ghost on working long-distance.

Regardless of which of these techniques you use, you need to do certain things before you start. And I don't care whether you consider yourself psychic or not -- humor me and go through the motions. You might be surprised at how effective they can be even if a person isn't "psychic." So, let's start by listing the things you should ALWAYS do, regardless of what technique you use (this will be familiar to those of you who have read the Psychic Basics fact sheet):

  • 1.

    Before you start, surround yourself with white light for protection. This must be a complete sphere that goes all the way around you, without any holes or gaps.

  • 2.

    Visualize a gold cord that goes from your root chakra (or your solar plexus, your choice) to the center of the earth to ground you

  • 3.

    Visualize a silver cord from your crown chakra (or your solar plexus) that goes to the highest source of inspiration for those who serve the light.

  • 4.

    Take a moment to really feel and enjoy that sense of balance, safety and protection. This can help make it stronger or more solid in your mind. Remember, intention is everything in psi. Believe you are protected and you are.

5. If you are psychic and have others you are working with who are unable to provide their own protection, take a moment to shield, ground, and balance them. As a psychic, you are responsible for those around you if they cannot take care of themselves. At the very least, imagine them safely encased in white light. This need not take a lot of energy on your part. Simply visualize it and set the intention that the shields be self-maintaining without effort on your part. Also, it's nice is you can add the extras with seeing the cords. The more the people around you are balanced, the easier it will be for you as a psychic to work.

Once you've completed those steps, you can choose how you want to deal with the ghost. Let’s look at some possibilities, both for it you have psychic abilities and if you don’t. We’ll start with the latter.

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