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6. Use ritual banishing objects, such as candles or incense.

This sometimes works, depending in part of the strength of your beliefs and those of the ghost. See the fact sheet on House Cleansing for more about this.


NOTE: It doesn't hurt to be culturally sensitive. I know this may sound odd, but it's smart to do if you want to be really effective at dealing with ghosts. Jewish ghosts, for example, are not as apt to be terrible impressed by having a crucifix waved at them. If you know who your ghost is, think about what would or would not impress them and tailor your tactics to their belief system.

Techniques Psychics Can Use

Psychics can use some other techniques in addition to the ones above. Basically, you can think of what you are doing as falling into one of these categories:

  • You can force them to go (push them out).

  • You can entice them to the light (pull them towards it).

  • You can do a mixture of the two (a push-pull).

What makes this fun is that you can be really creative here, no holds barred. Again, it helps to think about psychology. I tend to ask the following questions, using my intuition to scan for the answers

FIRST: Why are they stuck? Is something holding them back? Often ghosts are afraid of going to the light. This can be as simply as ignorance—they don’t realize they CAN go anywhere (either because they don’t realize they are dead or simply don’t know they have a choice after they die). You may need to explain tot hem what has happened, and, if they lived on the land or in the house before you, that it is no longer their home and it is time for them to move on to continue their journey by moving on to the light. Occasionally they are staying for unfinished business. This can be as simple as being that they just want to say hi or communicate a message before they cross over. Alternatively, they may be worried about those left behind and want to watch over them, not realizing they could do a better job of this if they completed their transitions. However, most of the time it seems to be a fear of moving on, perhaps because the ghost is worried it will end up in Hell or somewhere even worse than it is now. This leads to the next question.

SECOND: What would make it comfortable for them to go? Do they need education? Reassurance? Forgiveness? I ran into one ghost that was a devout Catholic when it died. It had not received absolution and was certain it would be go straight to Hell if it moved on. My solution was to ask a spirit (or angel if you prefer that term) to come from the light in the form of a priest to give the ghost it’s “last rites” and absolution. Then the two returned together to the light. This leads to an important concept: You can ask for anything you need to come from the light and assist a ghost to move on. The spirits that come can take on any form that they desire. So, if you ask for a ghost’s mother or grandfather to come from the light and help them to understand their situation, it may not matter whether that particular original soul has reincarnated or is available, an angel or higher being can take that form with knowledge from the Akashic records. Sometimes, particularly with the ghosts of

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