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abused children, it’s good to ask for a puppy or kitten to come from the light. The trick is to scan for who or what would be most trusted and reassuring to the ghost. Then have that being or thing come from the light to assist the ghost.

THIRD: Can you make it a happy and enjoyable experience for them to leave? This is something I always try to do. Of course, I’ve occasionally had a ghost have so much fun leaving that it comes back just so it can leave again, but that’s rare. Mostly, it ensures they won’t balk at the last minute and refuse to finish their transition. I will sometimes send child ghosts off on moving rocking chairs, or adults in whatever vehicles they most enjoyed—whether surreys, a Model T, a plane, or a sports car. I like them to not only be comfortable moving on, but happy about it.

Moving Entire Groups

I sometimes get the impression people thing that the tunnel of light can only be opened up for one spirit at a time, and you have to move them on individually. Untrue! They can be moved on as a group! Nor does this have to be draining or a lot of work.

When I am dealing with large numbers of spirits, I will often ask for something like a train to come from the light. Then I'll imagine a spirit conductor (a guide) - or even a number of conductors and other attendants from the light - who can come out and assist passengers onto the train, perhaps even giving out free “lunch boxes” and goodies like balloons or candy to the children. Again, you have to imagine this happening. See it play out in your mind's eye. Often you’ll be aware of whether it is working, “see” the ghosts smiling and happy, disappearing into the light with whomever you called to accompany them. If one train isn't enough, you can always bring in more. Similarly, you can imagine a luxury bus, cruise ship, or jumbo jet to take large numbers of spirits back to the light. The main thing is to have it be something that would feel safe for them (if they died in a plane crash, I sure wouldn't expect them to get on another one to go to the light). You are only limited by your imagination (next time I may try a space ship). However, it's not a bad idea to mentally feel in advance out the likelihood of success of different options, I always trust what my instincts say the spirits would respond to best and go with that.

If they Won't Leave

Occasionally, I'll run into a spirit that simply won't go. It knows it’s dead (or in rare cases, was never alive). It refuses to be annoyed or enticed away. And what makes it really bad is that some of these sprits really enjoy tormenting the people they are haunting. I don’t like to use the term evil, but some of these entities come close, and they clearly qualify for the tag "unenlightened." I have three techniques for moving on stubborn spirits, depending on how difficult they are to shift and whether they are really nasty or not. These are:

1. Ask for angels/guides to come from the light and forcibly move the spirits on.

I’ll sometimes visualize a couple of burly angels picking the ghost up by either arm and carrying them away.

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