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should be doing regularly as an individual. Make sure that you aren't providing the energy for that shield. Set the intention that it be effortlessly self- maintaining, allowing only those with the highest and best intentions to pass through and blocking out anything negative. Also, if I am dealing with a person/place that has had repeated trouble, I may ask some angels/guides to stand guard and ensure nothing gets through. If you do this, it's a good idea to tell the person or people in the house what you've done so they don't get spooked by these protective guardians (remember, they may be feeling pretty jumpy). Regardless, the idea is to make sure whatever was getting in before cannot come back.

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    Erasing any negative energy. If the entities were nice ones, you aren't likely to have evicted them, and even if you did there's nothing you need to erase. After all, we all like to be surrounded by love and joy. But if (as is more likely) the spirits were unpleasant ones, it's a good idea to do a bit of “house- cleaning” to get rid of any left-over energy from them. This can be any way that is easy for you to imagine—whether a white tornado, Mr. Clean with a mop, a vacuum cleaner of white light that can suck up any leftovers (and spirits, too, if you wish—just have them trapped in the bag and taken to the light or sucked up a hose into the light), or any other visualization that makes you smile. Make sure the place looks and feels squeaky clean when you finish, with no stray shadows or entities around.

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    Adding positive energy. I think of this as redecorating. There's an old saying, "Nature abhors a vacuum." So, I don't leave the room/house energy as a blank slate vulnerable for anything to fill it. Instead, I'll "decorate" the place in the astral, adding flowers and teddy bears as appropriate. (Can you tell I often get asked to "clean" the rooms of psychic children?) Also, if you are doing the work late at night and people need to be able to sleep soon in that house, keep the energy you put in nice and gentle. There's no point buzzing them to the point that they won't be able to get any sleep. Think soft, pink, love energy. NOTE: You can do this even if you aren't psychic by putting real flowers or live plants in a room or using a nice incense. Mickaharic's book on spiritual cleansing is full of such techniques that anyone can use to shift the energy of a place.

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