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Ray Smith, 2764 Hillcrest, commented on the power poles that were removed from Tropic Street. Mr. Smith asked Council for direction as to how to clean up the utility easements.

Mayor Tulley advised this was a FPL issue.

Mr. Smith commented that an ordinance was needed to control utility easements to assist with curb appeal.

City Manager Ryan would set up a meeting with Mayor Tulley, Mr. Sanderson, FPL, and himself to discuss utility easements.


MAYOR AND COUNCIL REPORTS – Mayor Tulley submitted his written report.

Mayor Tulley advised that he was visiting organizations to invite them to sponsor clean- up days. He also advised that he would be cleaning up trash on roadways one (1) day a week and invited anyone interested to join him. His location for the clean-up days would be posted on the City’s Web Page.

Member Johnson advised the Christmas on the Green at LaCita Country Club would be held on Sunday, December 13, 2009, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Vice-Mayor Eigenmann requested City Manager Ryan inquire about a past trip to China that some representatives in the County had gone to and inquire what benefit if any they received out of the trip and if there was anything they wanted to share with the City Council.

Member Long advised that other communities have made available strips of roads with signs that civic organizations own and inquired whether that approach was taken in the city. Mayor Tulley advised that it was available and was called Adopt a Road Program.

City Manager Ryan advised that anyone interested in the Adopt a Road Program should contact his office for additional information.

Member Long suggested having more “It’s Illegal to Litter” signs put along Titusville’s roadways.


CITY MANAGER’S REPORT – City Manager Ryan submitted his written report and highlighted as followed:


Authorization to Bid on Acquiring a Tax Deed for 1240 South Deleon Avenue.


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