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b. Transfer policies: In what circumstances will transfers take precedence over new admissions? (list below) Emergencies Overhoused Underhoused Medical justification Administrative reasons determined by the PHA (e.g., to permit modernization work) Resident choice: (state circumstances below) Other: (list below)

c. 1.

Preferences Yes

No: Has the PHA established preferences for admission to public housing (other than date and time of application)? (If “no” is selected, skip to subsection (5) Occupancy)

2. Which of the following admission preferences does the PHA plan to employ in the coming year? (select all that apply from either former Federal preferences or other preferences)

Former Federal preferences: n/a Involuntary Displacement (Disaster, Government Action, Action of Housing Owner, Inaccessibility, Property Disposition) Victims of domestic violence Substandard housing Homelessness High rent burden (rent is > 50 percent of income)

Other preferences: (select below) n/a

Working families and those unable to work because of age or disability Veterans and veterans’ families Residents who live and/or work in the jurisdiction Those enrolled currently in educational, training, or upward mobility programs Households that contribute to meeting income goals (broad range of incomes)

Households that contribute to meeting income requirements (targeting) Those previously enrolled in educational, training, or upward mobility Victims of reprisals or hate crimes Other preference(s) (list below)


FY 2000 Annual Plan for the South Delta Regional Housing Authority, Page 16

HUD 50075 OMB Approval No: 2577-0226 Expires: 03/31/2002

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