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  • 2.

    If yes to above, list the amounts or percentages charged and the circumstances under which these will be used below: n/a

    • d.

      Which of the discretionary (optional) deductions and/or exclusions policies does the PHA plan to employ (select all that apply) none For the earned income of a previously unemployed household member For increases in earned income Fixed amount (other than general rent-setting policy) If yes, state amount/s and circumstances below: Fixed percentage (other than general rent-setting policy) If yes, state percentage/s and circumstances below:

For household heads For other family members For transportation expenses For the non-reimbursed medical expenses of non-disabled or non-elderly families Other (describe below)

  • e.

    Ceiling rents

    • 1.

      Do you have ceiling rents? (rents set at a level lower than 30% of adjusted income)

(select one)

Yes for all developments Yes but only for some developments No

2. For which kinds of developments are ceiling rents in place? (select all that apply) n/a For all developments For all general occupancy developments (not elderly or disabled or elderly only) For specified general occupancy developments For certain parts of developments; e.g., the high-rise portion For certain size units; e.g., larger bedroom sizes Other (list below)

3. Select the space or spaces that best describe how you arrive at ceiling rents (select all that apply) n/a

Market comparability study Fair market rents (FMR) 95th percentile rents

FY 2000 Annual Plan for the South Delta Regional Housing Authority, Page 24

HUD 50075 OMB Approval No: 2577-0226 Expires: 03/31/2002

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