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75 percent of operating costs 100 percent of operating costs for general occupancy (family) developments Operating costs plus debt service The “rental value” of the unit Other (list below)

  • f.

    Rent re-determinations:

    • 1.

      Between income reexaminations, how often must tenants report changes in income or

family composition to the PHA such that the changes result in an adjustment to rent? (select all that apply) Never At family option Any time the family experiences an income increase Any time a family experiences an income increase above a threshold amount or percentage: (if selected, specify threshold)_____ Other (list below) When ever income decreases.



No: Does the PHA plan to implement individual savings accounts for residents (ISAs) as an alternative to the required 12 month disallowance of earned income and phasing in of rent increases in the next year?

  • (2)

    Flat Rents

  • 1.

    In setting the market-based flat rents, what sources of information did the PHA use to establish comparability? (select all that apply.) The section 8 rent reasonableness study of comparable housing Survey of rents listed in local newspaper Survey of similar unassisted units in the neighborhood Other (list/describe below)

B. Section 8 Tenant-Based Assistance

Exemptions: PHAs that do not administer Section 8 tenant-based assistance are not required to complete sub-component 4B. Unless otherwise specified, all questions in this section apply only to the tenant- based section 8 assistance program (vouchers, and until completely merged into the voucher program, certificates).

(1) Payment Standards Describe the voucher payment standards and policies.

a. What is the PHA’s payment standard? (select the category that best describes your standard)

FY 2000 Annual Plan for the South Delta Regional Housing Authority, Page 25

HUD 50075 OMB Approval No: 2577-0226 Expires: 03/31/2002

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