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12. PHA Community Service and Self-sufficiency Programs

[24 CFR Part 903.7 9 (l)] Exemptions from Component 12: High performing and small PHAs are not required to complete this component. Section 8-Only PHAs are not required to complete sub-component C.

A. PHA Coordination with the Welfare (TANF) Agency

1. Cooperative agreements:


No: Has the PHA has entered into a cooperative agreement with the TANF Agency, to share information and/or target supportive services (as contemplated by section 12(d)(7) of the Housing Act of 1937)?

If yes, what was the date that agreement was signed? 01/09/00

2. Other coordination efforts between the PHA and TANF agency (select all that apply) Client referrals Information sharing regarding mutual clients (for rent determinations and otherwise) Coordinate the provision of specific social and self-sufficiency services and programs to eligible families Jointly administer programs Partner to administer a HUD Welfare-to-Work voucher program Joint administration of other demonstration program Other (describe)

B. Services and programs offered to residents and participants

  • (1)


    • a.

      Self-Sufficiency Policies

Which, if any of the following discretionary policies will the PHA employ to enhance the economic and social self-sufficiency of assisted families in the following areas? (select all that apply) n/a Public housing rent determination policies Public housing admissions policies Section 8 admissions policies Preference in admission to section 8 for certain public housing families Preferences for families working or engaging in training or education programs for non-housing programs operated or coordinated by the PHA Preference/eligibility for public housing homeownership option participation Preference/eligibility for section 8 homeownership option participation Other policies (list below)

b. Economic and Social self-sufficiency programs FY 2000 Annual Plan for the South Delta Regional Housing Authority, Page 38

HUD 50075 OMB Approval No: 2577-0226 Expires: 03/31/2002

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