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Deconcentration/Income Targeting

In order to implement the income targeting program, the following policy is adopted:

  • The PHA may select, based on date and time of application and preferences, two

    • (2)

      families in the extremely low-income category and two (2) families from the low- income category alternately until the forty percent (40%) admission requirement of extremely low-income families is achieved (2 plus 2 policy).

  • After the minimum level is reached, all selections may be made based solely on date, time and preferences. Any applicants passed over as a result of implementing this 2 plus 2 policy will retain their place on the waiting list and will be offered a unit in order of their placement on the waiting list.

  • To the maximum extent possible, the offers will also be made to effect the PHA’s policy of economic deconcentration.

  • For the initial year of implementation, a pro-rated percentage of the new admissions will be calculated from April 1, 1999 through the end of the fiscal year. Following the initial implementation period, the forty percent (40%) requirement will be calculated based on new admissions for the fiscal year.

  • The PHA reserves the option, at any time, to reduce the targeting requirement for public housing by no more than ten percent (10%), if it increases the target figure for its Section 8 program from the required level of seventy-five percent (75%) of annual new admissions to no more than eighty-five percent (85%) of its annual new admissions. (Optional for PHAs with both Section 8 and Public Housing programs.)

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