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Attachments Indicate which attachments are provided by selecting all that apply. Provide the attachment’s name (A, B, etc.) in the space to the left of the name of the attachment. Note: If the attachment is provided as a SEPARATEfile submission from the PHA Plans file, provide the file name in parentheses in the space to the right of the title.

Required Attachments: Admissions Policy for Deconcentration MS095a01 FY 2000 Capital Fund Program Annual Statement MS095b01 Most recent board-approved operating budget (Required Attachment for PHAs that are troubled or at risk of being designated troubled ONLY)

Optional Attachments: PHA Management Organizational Chart MS095e01 FY 2000 Capital Fund Program 5 Year Action Plan MS095c01 Public Housing Drug Elimination Program (PHDEP) Plan Comments of Resident Advisory Board or Boards (must be attached if not included in PHA Plan text) Other (List below, providing each attachment name) Substantial Deviation or Significant Amendment or Modification MS095d01 Community Service Policy MS095f01

Supporting Documents Available for Review Indicate which documents are available for public review by placing a mark in the “Applicable & On Display” column in the appropriate rows. All listed documents must be on display if applicable to the program activities conducted by the PHA.

List of Supporting Documents Available for Review

Applicable & On Display X



Supporting Document

PHA Plan Certifications of Compliance with the PHA Plans and Related Regulations State/Local Government Certification of Consistency with the Consolidated Plan Fair Housing Documentation: Records reflecting that the PHA has examined its programs or proposed programs, identified any impediments to fair housing choice in those programs, addressed or is addressing those impediments in a reasonable fashion in view of the resources available, and worked or is working with local jurisdictions to implement any of the jurisdictions’ initiatives to affirmatively further fair housing that require the PHA’s involvement.

Applicable Plan Component

5 Year and Annual Plans

5 Year and Annual Plans

5 Year and Annual Plans

FY 2000 Annual Plan for the South Delta Regional Housing Authority, Page 3

HUD 50075 OMB Approval No: 2577-0226 Expires: 03/31/2002

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