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What is Transmutation? by Marianne Weidlein

Transmutation is the change from one form or condition to another. The form changes so remarkably that its properties and value are completely altered, and with this, its relevance and capacity. An excellent example is the biological transmutation of a caterpillar larva into an adult butterfly. When the caterpillar reaches a certain stage in development, genetic encoding initiates hormonal changes that direct it to spin a protective cocoon in which to undergo its metamorphosis into a butterfly. In the cocoon, the caterpillar body disintegrates and transforms into an entirely different body.

The human parallel is a radical change in consciousness. The transmutation of human consciousness effects a profound change in the awareness of one’s own existence and environment, and in one’s capability to respond to life situations with wisdom, creativity and effectiveness.

Like the butterfly, the changed person is a new person that is not just an improvement in character, or a change of direction along the same plane, as when one approaches a fork in the road and chooses the road to the right or to the left. Transmutation is a departure to an altogether different plane: at the fork in the road, one steps onto a launch pad to their life dream, and follows directions to beam up.

The process of transmutation is both a human effort and suprahuman act. The choice to step onto the launch is purely a matter of will. The process of being beamed up is a mighty, enigmatic power that transcends will, and yet complies with will. Once the instinctive caterpillar spins its cocoon, its transformation is inevitable. The human transcendent process, however, follows a more conscious choice and timing.

Just as the genetic code and physical pattern of a butterfly have always been present in the body of a caterpillar, higher levels of consciousness are present within you. Transmutation awaits you to call upon and activate it. Once it is, this force within you begins to unravel and dissolve all that you are not, so that your true essence will one day stand revealed.

For a human, activating the process of transmutation is more than spinning a cocoon. The “choice” is not a single, isolated act of will, although it is generally catalyzed by a situation that disrupts your perception enough that it then provokes a change. It is a steadfast repetition of many choices, made consistently over time, and aligned along a positive course. These new and aligned choices not only alter negative perceptions, thinking, decisions and behaviors into positive ones, they actually create new neural pathways in your brain that override patterns. As this occurs, your emotions and behavioral responses automatically change and you become anew.

You were conceived with a genetic predisposition to maintain your own “soul signature”, and to respond to your environment in certain ways. During your life, formative factors and circumstances influence your perception and behavior. Over

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