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You catalyze this transformation by shifting your consciousness from the governance of the contracted and limited negative polarity to the expansion and freedom of the positive polarity. This does not mean that you never again resist, contract or say no; but rather that when you do, you direct your brain to determine the wisest response, and with that, you return yourself to a positive, flowing, expansive state of grace. Whenever you begin to slip into a negative reaction, simply stop, pause, and gently turn your attention toward the positive. This process of shifting from negative to positive can be as simple as your turning your attention to something else.

The challenge is remembering, and then managing your emotions and nervous system so your brain can function at its most effective level. It takes time and repetition.

Cultivating a positive pattern of choice requires commitment, genetic instructions, and sheer will power to follow through. The way to begin is merely to decide, like Benjamin, with all your heart and soul to change all negative habits. This activates latent genetic encoding that directs the changes you intend. You then enter your own metamorphosis, which disintegrates the old and initiates the emergence of the new. It can feel like an “undoing” at times, and with some “ego deaths” along the way, yet throughout this process you are being born anew.

In time, you become comfortable with the process of radical change because you progressively experience the positive results and freedom it delivers. Eventually, you will emerge with an unimaginable happiness.

One experience of metamorphosis is expressed in the following, written by a client.

“I’ve been feeling uncomfortable for awhile. I’m making so many changes that nothing seems ‘natural’ or ‘routine.’ I’m hyper-aware, but it’s a struggle to do everything, even simple tasks, like going to the store. I must constantly remind myself that I am doing the right things.

“I don't feel like I know myself. It’s hard to try to love myself when I’m not sure who I am. It’s like I’m starting from scratch and building a new life. I don't know what I enjoy, what kind of friends and partner I want, or what my higher power is. These unknowns scare me. I long for something concrete.

“I often think of when I was working myself to death, not sleeping, creating unnecessary stress, and hanging out with people who didn't really care about me, and now I almost miss it, just because it was familiar. I am making good decisions now and I’m better in all ways, but it is still hard.

“Should I just be patient and allow myself time to adjust to the new me?”

To this question, I responded:

“When you make significant change, the person you were is falling away. You no longer know yourself because many habits are slowly but surely being replaced with a new way of being. It's as though you are taking yourself apart, habit-by-habit, and

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