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reconstructing yourself with unfamiliar patterns. For this reason, it’s natural to feel uncertain and disoriented... perhaps even as a stranger to yourself. The metamorphosis process is gradual and incremental; hence, it has not yet revealed the ultimate person that you will gladly embrace. Be patient, be trusting, and relish this passage, knowing that someone truly awesome is emerging.”

To change a habit - mental or physical - you must replace it with a different, positive behavior that yields results that are compatible with who you want to be and the way you want to live. Most importantly, you must repeat the new procedure again and again. This is how you learned most everything. With each repetition, your new way becomes more familiar, until eventually it is ingrained and replaces the old way. You apply the same process to change negative habits to positive ones. The key to successful change is consistent repetition. It’s wonderfully simple, and it works. The only way it can’t work, is for you not to do it.

In Transforming Your Coping Strategy, you will receive a positive strategy to serve you in all circumstances. Through repetition, you gently recondition your nervous system, which has become long accustomed to the negative frequency, and possibly quite wary of the frequencies of pleasure, success, joy and bliss. This approach to change is slow enough that you are unhindered by fear and resistance, and yet is rapid enough that you experience definite progress.

Slowly but surely you begin to embody this positive strategy, and it emerges as your primary response pattern to all situations you encounter, whether “positive” or “negative.” The world around you may remain unchanged, the people in your life may still be trapped in the throes of negative habits, your job may continue to challenge you to the nth degree; yet, you will not be triggered into negative reactions. Instead, you will meet these realities with acceptance, compassion and strength. You will make choices that support the wisest outcome, and you will know the steps to take, when to take action, and when to pullback. You will be a source of calm and a beacon of truth in every life you touch. You will be pleased with who you are.

You will ultimately grant yourself the sublime state of freedom. Could you want more?

1) How have your ideas, perceptions, or feelings about transmutation developed and changed since you read this case study? What will you do as a result?

2) Recall and describe the fears, resistances, or limiting perceptions that you experienced while reading this case study. List them in priority order and explain what you are ready to do about them.

3) Reflect on the case study’s important points, and explain what you have gained.

Copyright, 2002, Marianne Weidlein http://www.empoweringvision.com

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