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What Do Business Coaches Do?

Business coaching creates efficient, strategic interactions that connect and clarify what really matters… promoting stronger commitment to develop right action for the individual and organization... leading to right results.

Right action = The right people, doing the right things, in the right way, at the right time, for the right reasons.

Right results occur when personal and organizational agendas serve customers and align to enhance awareness, purpose, competence and well-being in personal, business and network domains.

  • Integrates personal freedom and business reality to get results in real time

  • Distinguished from consultants: they build capability—individual and in business systems leading to results while

discouraging the formation of co-dependencies

  • Creates developmental opportunities within the person, team or staff being coached to see things differently in

terms of performance, change and transformation

  • Works through openings that lead to long-term developmental opportunities—rather than providing only an

immediate fix to shore up gaps—leading to intrinsic motivation

  • Develops increased leadership and emotional competence to generate possibilities, create actionable plans, with

commitment to right action aligned with business goals

  • Creates effective coaching interactions by listening, observing, discerning, and modeling and delivery through

dynamic inquiry that works at the level of action

  • Delivers effective coaching through feedback, questions, statements, challenges and ideas surfaced through

efficient strategy focused developmental approaches

  • Guides a business system to evolve its culture by clarifying critical personal and business issues while aligning

personal and organizational agendas

  • Lowers resistance and increases energy for adaptability, vitality, passion and willingness to go the extra mile by

aligning personal and organizational values

  • Provides and models interactive communication styles that enhance internal problem-solving skills leading

effective systemized approaches to efficient solutions

  • Blends training, management and leadership development at every level in an organization through a systematic

approach, outlined through a step by step process

To get results and to learn more about how to enhance your personal and organizational capability, please call for a no-obligation consultation. 1.877.901.COACH (2622)

...A Methodology for Awareness, Purpose, Competence, Well-Being and RESULTS!


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