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organizational effectiveness — organizational mission, structure, culture, leadership, management capacity, and task design and service technology — are shown, in addition to measures constructed from the NTIES data to operationalize these concepts.  The categorization of these variables was based on descriptions and discussions of similar variables in both the substance abuse treatment and public management/administration literatures.  Some variables are listed under more than one category, such as therapeutic emphasis in the service delivery unit (organizational mission, culture, and task design/service technology), emphasizing the probable interrelationships or linkages among these components/variables.  Table 1 might be viewed as a theoretical representation or organization of the seemingly limitless number of potential linkages and interactions among the more than one-thousand pieces of information (or measures) collected from the more than 500 service delivery units participating in NTIES.

Exploratory analyses of the NTIES program-level data

This organizational framework serves as a guide to the descriptive and exploratory analyses of structural, management and primary work factors in the NTIES substance abuse treatment service delivery units (SDUs).  A primary goal of these analyses is to advance the investigation of relationships among these variables, to consider the types of indirect effects they might have on outcomes (in addition to some of the direct effects established in the literature), and to assist in the selection of variables and model specifications for the multi-level empirical research to be conducted in the next phase of this research project.

Organizational mission and structure

Two variables, the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) program (grant) type and treatment modality, are expected to be particularly important sources of variation among the SDUs.  During the period under study by NTIES, CSAT divided its approach to the stimulation

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