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theory to avoid confronting systemic problems. Mollen noted that it would be impossible for the nypd to make a lasting commitment to integrity without the help of independent external oversight. The commission recommended that scapegoating be abandoned.

Resigned to his fate and fairly sure he could put everything behind him, Heinemann awoke early on February 28, 2006. He turned on the radio to hear that he alone was responsible for the disbandment of the Barrie tru. The reports provided the details of his plea agreement from the worst possible perspective.

Heinemann went a little nuts. He made phone calls, wrote myriad emails and letters to try to correct the public record, but nothing changed. Time passed. During the summer Heinemann patrolled Wasaga Beach and made up his lost $12,000 by working on the side as police security for local clubs. Today, Heinemann has regained his full rank and pay. He was recently elected the Huronia West detachment’s union rep.

Shortly after the Barrie tru was disbanded, the opp dropped Culture and Change as required reading for the sergeant’s exam. The opp publicly stated that the Barrie tru would not be reconstituted, but a few months later a new team was formed thirty kilometres up the highway, at the Crystal Cathedral. None of the original Barrie tru members were recruited.

On February 25, 2006, Ken Deane had been killed in a traffic accident, shortly before he was to testify at the Ipperwash inquiry. Soon after, Commissioner Boniface was appointed to a police board in Ireland and left the opp.

After commissioning more than twenty major research papers from academics and other experts to help it understand the issues, granting thirty-one parties standing, and hearing testimony from 139 witnesses and representations from 110 lawyers over 229 days, enumerating 1,876 exhibits and creating a database of over 23,000 related documents, putting together a verbatim record of the hearings that amounted to 60,000 pages of transcripts and a video of the entire proceedings, the Ipperwash inquiry finally wrapped up in late August 2006. It cost over $19 million, paid in full by Ontario taxpayers.

In the wake of Boniface’s resignation, the government intervened and appointed former Toronto police chief Julian Fantino commissioner of the opp. Fantino has been a police officer for over forty years. His record and his public statements suggest that he is one of the staunchest proponents of the bad apple theory and its application in policing today.

The Nut Island team was disbanded, after 30 years of effort that left the Boston Harbor no cleaner than it was in the late 1960s when the core team first came together.

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