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UMB Sociology Faculty (2005-6):


Paul Benson, (PhD, University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill) Sociology of Mental Health, Medical Sociology, Public Policy

Milton L. Butts, Jr., (PhD, University of Pennsylvania) Juvenile Delinquency, Urban Sociology, Race & Ethnic Relations, Criminology

Jorge Capetillo-Ponce, ( PhD, New School for Social Research) Social Theory, Race and Ethnic Relations, Media Studies, Latino Studies

Xiaogang Deng, (PhD, SUNY-Buffalo) Research Methods, Deviance, Criminological Theory, Comparative Criminology

Estelle Disch, (PhD, Tufts University) Gender, Human Services, Multicultural Studies, Clinical Sociology

Susan Gore, (PhD, University of Pennsylvania) Medical Sociology, Sociology and Social Psychology of Public Health

Laura Hansen, (PhD, University of California Riverside) Organizations, Social Network Analysis, White-Collar Crime, Corrections, Youth Gangs

Stephanie Hartwell, (PhD, Yale University) Drugs and Society, Mental Health, Criminality, Applied Sociology

Glenn Jacobs, (PhD, Temple University) Urban Sociology, Social Theory, Race and Ethnic Relations, Social Problems, Sociology of Music & Art, Field Methods

Philip A. Krestedemas, (PhD, University of Minnesota) Immigration, social welfare, critical race theory, political sociology/social movements, democracy and development, media studies, Caribbean Studies

Richard Kronish, (PhD, University of Wisconsin) Social Policy, Social Stratification, Labor

Siamak Movahedi, (PhD, Washington State University) Social Psychology, Social psychiatry, Research Methods & Statistics

Russell K. Schutt, (PhD, University of Illinois- Chicago) Research Methods, Sociology of Organizations, Homelessness and Mental Health Services, Sociology of Law

Mohammad H. Tamdgidi, (PhD, SUNY-Binghamton) Social Theory, Self and Society, World-Historical Sociology, Sociology of Knowledge, Social Movements, Utopias

James Willis, (PhD, Yale University) Criminology, Policing, Punishment, Culture, Historical Sociology

Reef Youngreen, (PhD, University of Iowa) Social Psychology, Status Processes, Deviance


James Blackwell, (PhD, Washington State University) Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Social Problems

Robert A. Dentler, (PhD, University of Chicago) Education, Program Evaluation, Race and Ethnicity

Gerald Garrett, (PhD, Washington State University) Alcohol Addiction, Criminology, Deviance

Calvin Larson, (PhD, University of Oregon) Criminology/Corrections, Social Theory

Richard Robbins, (PhD, University of Illinois) Urban Sociology, Social Theory

Sharon Stichter, (PhD, Columbia University) Comparative/Historical Sociology, Development, Demography

About the Social Theory Forum (STF) Sociology Department UMass Boston

Histories of sociology tell us how the discipline was formed in the nineteenth century struggle to understand the combined upheavals of socio-political revolutions and the industrial revolution that gradually expanded throughout the world. These events radically changed the established order and posed various questions that are still with us today: questions about class, race, community, gender, the nature of social integration, and processes of social change, among others. But as we all know, the world again changed radically during the twentieth century, with great implications for social theory.

The Social Theory Forum (STF) is a series of conference-workshops organized jointly by the sociology and other interested faculty and students at UMB in order to creatively explore, develop, promote, and publish cross-disciplinary social theory in an applied and liberating (critical) framework. STF will offer the faculty and students of UMass Boston and other area colleges and universities an interactive medium to discuss various aspects of the way in which particular theoretical traditions can be relevant to present everyday issues, the current state of social theory, and the future of social theory—recognizing that it is caught between its past successes and a situation that threatens to make its achievements less relevant if it does not deal successfully with the prospects of continuity and change.

STF’s goals are:

  • To critically engage with and evaluate classical and contemporary social theories

in a cross-disciplinary and comparative cross-cultural framework in order to develop new integrative theoretical structures and practices;

  • To foster individual and collective self-reflexivity in exploring social theories in global

and world-historical contexts to aid people effectively address social problems and engage in liberatory social struggles;

  • To foster interactive and dialogical learning experience and research in theory within

and across faculty, students, and community divides on and off-campus, characterized by respect for the dignity and empowerment of ordinary individual lives and opinions in everyday life;

  • To foster dialectical exchange of ideas open to constructive and integrative

exploration of diverse and conflicting viewpoints, modes of thinking, and world-views;

  • To foster theoretical education and research within a praxis-oriented and applied

sociological framework capable of addressing concrete issues arising in intrapersonal, interpersonal and global contexts;

  • To foster theoretical education and research as practices of freedom in favor of

transformative and emancipatory personal and global social experience.

Please submit questions and inquiries to organizers: Mohammad Tamdgidi, Assistant Professor, Sociology: mohammad.tamdgidi@umb.edu Jorge Capetillo-Ponce, Assistant Professor, Sociology: jorge.capetillo@umb.edu Panayota Gounari, Assistant Professor, Applied Linguistics: panagiota.gounari@umb.edu

Glenn Jacobs, Associate Professor, Sociology: glenn.jacobs@umb.edu Estelle Disch, Professor, Sociology: estelle.disch@umb.edu


Or by writing to Attn.: Social Theory Forum

Department of Sociology • University of Massachusetts Boston 100 Morrissey Boulevard • Boston, MA 02125 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Partial List of Cosponsors at UMass Boston: Dean of the College of Liberal Arts • Graduate Program in Applied Linguistics Mauricio Gastón Institute for Latino Community Development and Public Policy Department of Anthropology • Women’s Studies • Honors Program William Monroe Trotter Institute for the Study of Black Culture / Africana Studies

Event and Program Poster Designs: Thanasis Gounaris, Athens, Greece www.thanasisgounaris.com

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