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Issue 48 is a 'concept', not an issue. This concept is designed for a single community to join forces and accomplish a large task with a minimal contribution from each of us. It's simple really. It's not about politics, the economy, or what (who) you like or dislike about the school system. It's about pride in your community and the safety of our kids.

How much will this cost me? A small investment will go a long way in improving community pride, making our fields safe, and continuing a tradition of Ex- cellence in our school district.

A $200,000 homeowner will pay $25.73 PER YEAR

It looks like this is $2.0 million dollars less than the last time what is being cut out? Nothing is being cut out the Board of Education heard the community concerns and lowered the amount. The differ- ence will be made up from donations, signage, naming rights and other fundraising events.

What will this money be used for? To upgrade, renovate and build new outside facilities at Nordonia High School. The proposed plan includes; a new football stadium, two concession stands, softball fields, baseball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts, and additional parking.

Who will benefit from these improvements? The students and the entire community will benefit, as the facilities will be open for community use during non-playing time.

Why not just upgrade the current football stadium?

Over two years ago a task force was established, which included community members, coaches, administrators, and representa- tives from the Board of Education. Their task was to review and provide recommendation(s) to the Board of Education for a plan that provided the most efficient use of the land available and included the upgrading of all outside facilities not just the stadium at the high school, in addition to being highly cost effective. The committee worked with an architectural firm who helped to layout and design the most efficient plan.

How will this levy benefit students who are not athletes? The upgraded facilities will benefit students in physical education classes at Nordonia High School, along with members of the Nordonia Lancer Band, who will be able to practice on a turf field instead of using the parking lot. It will also benefit the many youth and adult leagues in the community who will be able to use the fields when not in use by the high school.

FOR MORE INFORMATION or to take a virtual tour please VISIT…. www.nordoniaissue48.org What’s the bottom line…. Handicapped accessibility Safer playing fields Additional parking will make it more convenient for all who visit or attend events. Better facilities mean more events. Updated facilities mean less maintenance. Higher performance areas for the band, high school physical education classes and athletic teams.

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