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Crotched Mountain

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Shumway realized that at times like this, incremental changes were probably not enough. In the for-profit sector, making a radical change and reinventing the way one did business was more common because the stock market or other investors would apply pressure on management if they were not achieving acceptable results. The nonprofit sector is different, and any radical changes would require building consensus among the many constituents and stakeholders in the organization.

Shumway had developed a basic concept for Crotched Mountain that had to do with the idea of community. In reshaping the way that Crotched Mountain operated, he believed that the organization needed to further build and deepen the sense of community. The best way to hold on to staff, he believed, was to make them feel they were an integral part of a community. Similarly, one of the tenets of the Gentle Teaching method was to build relationships between clients and staff where they shared a sense that they both were part of and contributors to a healthy community.

To start down this path, Shumway needed to develop a process and a road map. There would need to be lots of communication and testing along the way. He would need a lot of input. Who should he talk with first? What should he say? Who should lead the process? What kind of timeline was realistic? How much flexibility did he have? What kind of mileposts should he introduce to measure the organizations progress? With these thoughts circulating through his mind, he decided to go for a walk and clear his head in clean mountain air.

Study Questions:

  • 1.

    Carefully analyze the financials in Exhibit 1. How is the organization doing financially? What questions would you have for management? How do the financials compare with those of the National Benevolent Association?

  • 2.

    Please do a SWOT analysis of Crotched Mountain. What are the key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?

3. According to Don Shumway, Crotched Mountain needs to reinvent itself and figure out a different way of doing business. If you were to create a road map for changing the way the organization operates, what would the process look like? Who would be in charge? With whom would you consult and in what order? What would you tell the staff and board?

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