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relevance. Force structure imbalances, in which too much or all of a particular type of

capability resides in the Guard or Reserves, have resulted in calls for moving these assets

into the active duty military. Furthermore, the tempo of operations in the overseas

campaigns have caused some to question the utility of citizen-soldier organizations that

require additional training after mobilization before they can enter combat.

After two years of the war on terror, the Department of Defense and the National

Guard have already identified the need for certain changes. Many new initiatives are

underway because of the lessons learned since September 11, 2001, but others are

directly attributable to the defense transformation intended to posture the military for the

twenty-first century. Regardless of the source of change, the National Guard will play a

major role in determining its own future because it is willing to adapt in order to remain

relevant and ready.

Lt. Gen. H. Steven Blum, the Chief of the National Guard Bureau, and the

adjutants general will provide the leadership to convert the National Guard Bureau staff

in Washington, D.C. and the various headquarters elements located in the states and

territories into joint organizations. By adopting a joint forces organizational structure, the

National Guard will improve its ability to serve alongside active duty counterparts in any

contingency and provide the Defense Department easier access to its capabilities. The

transformation of today’s state area commands will place all Guard assets under one

responsible commander, and the manpower saved by new efficiencies will go toward

filling shortages in subordinate units. Future initiatives include chartering the National

Guard Bureau as a joint activity of the Department of Defense and formally designating

the Chief of the National Guard Bureau as an advisor on National Guard matters to the

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