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Excerpts from Hobbes’ Internet Timeline by Robert H. Zakon http://www.info.isoc.org/guest/zakon/Internet/History/HIT.html

1957 Sputnik; US forms ARPA

1962 P Baran, Rand, “On Distributed Communications Networks”, packet switched networks

1967 Larry Roberts first design paper on ARPAnet

1969 ARPANet commissioned.  First RFC.  

1970 ALOHANet (radio) connected to ARPANet in 1972

1971 Ray Tomlinson E-mail, BBN

1972 Telnet specification (RFC 318)

1973 File transfer specification (RFC 454)

1977 Mail specification (RFC 733)

1979 USENet newsgroups.  First MUD.

1981 CSNet

1982 DoD standardizes on TCP/IP

1983 Name server developed at University of Wisconsin; users no longer need to remember exact path to other systems

1983 Berkeley releases 4.2BSD including TCP/IP

1984 DNS introduced.  Now over 1,000 hosts

1984 Moderated newsgroups on USENET

1988 Internet worm affects 6,000 of the 60,000 Internet hosts

1990 EFF founded by Mitch Kapor

1991 WWW released by CERN (Tim Berners-Lee, developer)

1991 PGP released by Phil Zimmerman

1992 ISOC chartered

1992 “Surfing the Internet” coined by Jean Armour Polly

1993 US White House goes online

1993 Internet Talk Radio

1994 Can now order pizza from Pizza Hut online

1994 First Virtual bank open for business

1995 RealAudio

1995 Netscape third largest ever NASDAQ IPO share value

1995 Registration of domain names no longer free

1996 Communications Decency Act passed, challenged in US

1997 CDA overturned by  Supreme Court

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