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Main Pivot

Maintenance Schedule

Torque and Lubrication Table

Service Kits

PIvot Adjustment



Noleen shocks may only be serviced by Noleen or by an authorized Noleen Service Center. Service that is performed by anyone other than Noleen or an Authorized Service Center can damage the shock and result in failure during use and severe injury.

Noleen shocks are pressurized with 200 psi of nitrogen. Attempting to disassemble a charged shock is ex- tremely dangerous and can result in serious injury.

Smart Shock

If your K2 Bike is equipped with an NR-5 Smart Shock, then read on. If you have not read the Suspension Tuning: Damping section yet, please do so now. The damping section will provide you with an understanding of the concepts of shock damping, and specifically, compression damping. The Smart Shock system is an electronic compression damping adjuster which automatically adjusts for more or less compres- sion damping according to shock shaft speed and main piston location.

If your K2 Bike model is equipped with Smart Shock technology, you will probably want to run the mode setting on ”Smart“ mode most of the time. Smart mode optimizes shock action for ever-changing off-road conditions. In a few cases, the stiff or soft settings may be desirable. For instance, on a long, smooth climb, the stiff setting will reduce suspension motion if desired.

When you stop to take a break, Smart Shock automatically switches to ”sleep“ mode to save energy.Standard9-voltbatteriespowerthe system, yielding about eight hours of use per charge. Rechargeable batteries are recommended. If the batteries should get used up during the ride, the shock will not cease to function. The Smart Shock will simply revert to a base line compression damping setting that delivers the same high standard of performance Noleen Shock users have come to expect.




  • 5 and 6mm Hex Wrench

  • K2 Goo (or other Teflon-fortified grease)

In-lb Torque Wrench with 5 and 6mm hex bits Thread-locking compound - Loctite Blue #242

Main Pivot Maintenance

The K2 Bike pivot is designed to be easily maintained. The main pivot bolt torque and swingarm pinch bolt tension should be checked each month Wealsorecommendyearlydisassemblyandregreasingformaximumperformanceanddurability. Referto K2BikeMaintenance:ServiceTables for all torque and lubrication specifications.

PIvot Adjustment


Remove the rear wheel.

  • 2.

    Remove the bolts that attach the shock or strut/shock to the swingarm and disconnect the strut.

  • 3.

    Loosen each swingarm pinch bolt one turn. Lift the swingarm as high as possible without hitting the frame, then let

it fall. (Don’t let swingarm fall into front derailleur). The swingarm should drop with no resistance.


Now gradually tighten both pinch bolts individually until the swingarm falls slowly through its arc under its own weight. Both bolts should have roughly the same torque.


Reinstall the shock or strut/shock pivot bolts and the rear wheel. See Service Tables for torque specs.

NOTE: Do not overtighten the pinch bolts as this can cause damage and premature wear to the pivot assembly.

Pivot Lubrication

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