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Quick Release Check

Quick Release Check

Inflation / Presta valve

Pad Aligned with Rim Surface





Brake Pad Alignment


Direction of Rim Rotation


Brake Pad Toe-in




Quick Release Wheels - Are the quick releases tightened properly?

CAUTION: Improperly adjusted wheel quick releases can be extremely dangerous, and can result in failure during use and severe injuries.

The wheels on your new K2 Bike are attached with convenient single lever quick releases, allowing them to be easily removed and reinstalled. For detailed instructions on the proper operation of your quick releases, refer to Operation: Quick Releases. Please read and follow these instructions to ensure safe installation of your bike’s wheels:

Quick Release Tests:

  • Lift the front/rear of the bicycle off the ground and give the tire a sharp downward blow. The wheel should feel solidly mounted.

  • Try to rotate the quick release levers counter clockwise (without rotating out). A properly tightened quick release lever will not spin.

If you are uncertain about the wheel tightness, or have any further questions about the proper function of quick release levers, please refer to Operation: Quick Releases inthenextsection.


Tire Inflation - Are your tires pumped up enough?

Inflate your tires to the desired pressure within the range printed on the side wall. Higher pressure within the range provides less rolling resistance on pavement or hard dirt, and also gives a harder ride. Lower pressure within the range provides improved traction in off road conditions and a softe , more cushioned ride. K2 Bike recommends that you use a hand pump and gauge to achieve proper tire inflation. Gas station pumps/ gauges are often inaccurate and can easily overin late tires.

There are two different types of valves for bicycle tubes: schrader and presta. All K2 Bike models use presta valves. Schrader valves are standard automobile tire valves and can be inflated with most standard pumps. Presta valves are a narrower valve that require the user to unscrew the top of the valve before inflation. If you do not have a pump that will work with presta valves, an adaptor is available from your local dealer that will allow the use of a standard schrader pump with a presta valve.


Brake Function - Are the brakes working well?

Firmly press each brake lever to be sure the brake mechanisms work freely and properly. Be sure there is no binding and that the brake pads squeeze the rim tightly enough to stop the bicycle safely. The front edge of the pads should be spaced 1 mm from the rim surface with the rear edge 3 mm from the rim surface. This is referred to as ”toe-in“. For further instructions on brake adjustment, see Maintenance: Brakes. Visually inspect the brake pads to be sure that:

1. Thebrakepadsarealignedwiththerimsurfaceandarestrikingtheriminthemiddleofthesidewallandarenot slipping off of the rim into the tire or off the rim towards the center of the rim.

  • 2.

    The trailing (rear) edge of each brake pad is spaced 2 mm further away from the rim surface than the leading (front) edge of the brake pad. (Referred to as “toe in”)

  • 3.

    The curved ”lead pipe” that holds the brake cable housing is firmly seated in its holder that attaches to the top of the brake arm.

If your brakes are tight, loose, or improperly centered , refer to Maintenance: Brakes for further instructions.

CAUTION: If your brakes are not working properly, do not ride your bicycle. If you are unsure of how to adjust your brakes, K2 Bike suggests you take your bike to an authorized K2 Bike dealer for service. Improp- erly adjusted brakes can be extremely dangerous, and can result in failure during use and severe injuries.


Wheel Straightness - Are the rims rubbing against the brakes?

Check to see that your wheels are not warped. Lift one end of the bike and spin the wheel. Watch the gap between the rim and brake pad. If the gap remains constant, the rim is straight. If the gap varies, take your wheels to your authorized K2 Bike dealer before riding your bicycle. While your K2 Bike is designed for off road riding, it will last longer and give you years of enjoyment when properly taken care of. Please follow these bicycle care instructions to keep your K2 Bike running well.


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