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18 July 2007 saw another storm flood, similar to the one in 2002. Each household in Filey received a questionnaire asking how it had been affected by flood water. This allowed a second flood map to be prepared which again was similar to the 2002 map. This strengthened the earlier funding bid which was successful in securing £226,000 for further studies.

Yorkshire Water has fulfilled its identified responsibilities by undertaking 2 schemes :-

  • 1.

    In the Wharfedale estate, and

  • 2.

    The creation of an underground storage tank of 1,000,000 litre capacity to mitigate flooding in the lower Muston Road area.

The consultants concluded that Filey would be best served and protected if a bounded catchment ditch was constructed around much of the periphery of the town. The idea being that water flowing off the higher surrounding agricultural land would be –

  • a.

    diverted away from the town towards the sea, or

  • b.

    Diverted into temporary storage areas until the water could be

released, in a controlled manner, into the existing drainage system of the town. At the time of writing the funding bid for the wider Filey scheme was yet to be determined.

The Filey Flood Working Group is considered locally and nationally as an example of Best Practice. This stems from the Multi Agency approach adopted together with the essential input of local knowledge.

The members of the FFWG now wait for the outcome, successful we hope, of the funding bid that would allow the construction of the works to provide a large degree of protection from flooding to the whole town.

Filey Emergency Plan

As a result of the flooding in Filey in 2002 we became aware that the Emergency Plan was seriously out of date and a working party was formed to update the plan and increase local resilience. Events in the following years have given us opportunities to test the plan and refine it as necessary.

This group continue to meet and the plan is reviewed annually. We are, at present, looking to provide first aid training for local volunteers, and a desk based exercise to enhance the skills of the group.

The members of the group represent all emergency services and other voluntary groups and agencies.

The Town Council can provide information to residents about what to do in the event of an emergency.


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