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approaching it’s natural physical limits taking into account flood concerns and water treatment capacity.

The Town Council supports the overall approach as set out within the Local Development Framework Core Strategy, for Filey to maintain it’s role as a service centre for the Southern area and to maintain it’s character and natural setting. Further housing development should be restricted to redevelopment opportunities from within the town rather than further outward expansion.

The Town Council has a planning committee, which is a consultee of the Planning Authority and receives copies of all planning applications. Town Council staff can assist members of the public with viewing these, including assistance to access the planning portal.

Key issues

  • The Town Council recognises the need for some additional housing, particularly affordable housing for local people and to provide opportunities for local young people to remain in the area. Concerns are voiced locally about the need for local houses for local people and it is considered that priority in social housing should be given to local people through the allocations system.

Areas for Action

  • New housing provided to be built to good environmental standards, with good levels of energy efficiency, making use of renewable technologies wherever possible. Any future development should not lead to further flooding problems and should be accompanied by appropriate infrastructure e.g. transport, schools and health facilities.

  • The Town Council will support any s.106 benefits arising from development locally being spent within the Filey locality for the benefit of local residents.

Section 4 – Priorities/Areas for Action


  • Better promotion of Community Transport availability and of public transport services to the Hospital.

  • Health providers to consider grouping appointments together to reduce the need to travel on several separate occasions.

  • Services to be provided locally, wherever possible, to reduce the need to travel.


  • Improved public transport information available within the Town, including Community Transport information. Display the town map/guide at a suitable location at the bus station and car park. Improve signage from the bus station.


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