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Lab Validation: EMC Symmetrix VMAX and Microsoft Server Virtualization Scalability


Rapid Deployment with Scale

EMC TimeFinder software running within an EMC VMAX disk array and Microsoft CSVs, automated with Microsoft PowerShell scripts, can be used to accelerate and simplify the large-scale deployment of virtual machines. A virtual machine template is a core concept that makes this possible; these templates contain a standardized group of hardware and software settings that can be used to repeatedly create new virtual machines with similar attributes. Templates are commonly used to automate the deployment of virtual machines. Microsoft SCVMM and PowerShell scripts can be used to automate the use of virtual machine templates.

Traditionally, templates are deployed using the TCP/IP protocol running over a local area network. Although automated, deploying a large number of VMs with this approach could take days due to the speed and bandwidth of the local area network. For a more rapid deployment approach, EMC TimeFinder can be used to create instant clones or snapshots of CSV-based templates which are then presented to physical servers. The physical servers use the snapshot-based templates to finish the process and bring the VMs online.

ESG Lab Testing

ESG Lab performed hands-on testing of TimeFinder-enabled cloning and rapid deployment of 64 new virtual machines using the 1,024 virtual machine test bed presented previously in this report. ESG Lab also observed the creation of ten virtual machines using both the traditional and TimeFinder methods. As shown in Figure 7, templates were copied over the LAN using traditional means compared to the fast and efficient TimeFinder method.

Figure 7. Rapid VM Deployment with EMC TimeFinder and Microsoft Cluster Shared Volumes

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