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US vs Iran

Hybrid War

United States, over the years, has repeatedly stated that it will (if all fails) bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. These facilities are dispersed over a large area and are fairly well protected. If as United States claims, Iran does indeed have parallel facilities, then finding and destroying these facilities will be very time consuming and difficult.

But if the United States start an air campaign it will not limit its attack only to nuclear facilities. It will go for all kind of infrastructure from power plants, bridges, Radio, TV, communication masts and relay station, factories and railway stations. We have seen in both Iraq and Lebanon, how US and Israel conduct air campaigns. But to do this United States has to first neutralise Iranian radar and air air-defence facilities. Defeating Iranian air force with its aging aircrafts on paper may not be that difficult but again it has to be seen in action. In addition, US will have to also attack Iranian anti-ship missile launchers along the Persian Gulf coast-line and the naval bases as well. It will also either occupy or otherwise neutralise all the strategic small Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf. Iran has 30+ islands in the Persian Gulf and at least 3 to 10 of these have to be occupied. One must realise that this is not a one day operation. It will have to take at least 3 to 4 weeks of intensive bombing by several hundred aircrafts, a very large number of cruise missiles, the whole of US navy in the Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea and part of the Indian Ocean fleet and a considerable number of troops to achieve this.

Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar

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