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US vs Iran

Hybrid War

this project and Iran carried on the project by itself and the aircraft became known as ''Shafaq''. Shafagh features an advanced cockpit design and a Russian-made K-36D ejection seat, earlier considered by the US for installation on the F-22 Raptor. The single-engined Shafagh is believed to be using the Klimov RD-33 turbojets also used by the MiG-29. It is rumoured that the Iran has signed a contract to manufacture Shafagh’s Russian advance avionics in Iran. Iran already is the prototype of the aircraft.


“One could say Iran’s fighter projects basically start with the F-5E. Iran achieved the ability to produce F-5Es from scratch after producing F-5E fuselages, avionics, etc. for refurbishment of damaged F-5Es (which delayed Iran considerably). This resulted later into the Simorgh project, which using F-5E parts converted F-5As into F-5F-like dual seat trainers.

Iran took this ability a step further when IACI developed a new F-5E based fighter. It had strengthened and reinforced composite wings (with new heavy duty wing spars) and stronger newly designed hard points. This provided the aircraft with the ability to carry two 1,000kg Sattar-1/2 laser and electro-optical precision guided munitions. This also required placing a television screen in the cockpit, installing new displays, and adding a laser designator. A new multi-purpose Iranian designed, Russian derived radar was also installed on the aircraft (possibly with ground mapping ability). It supposedly incorporates Iranian parts and

Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar

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