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US vs Iran

Hybrid War

equipped with four Grumble missiles. When travelling the missiles are carried in the horizontal position and rotated to the vertical position before firing at the pre-designated launch site. Senior Russian aerospace officials admitted that they are testing new SAM missiles against the F-117 that was shot down by Serb forces in 1999. The Russians admitted that the F-117 was being used to test new anti- stealth technology and advanced missiles designed to shoot down U.S. aircraft. Russian researchers are testing components of a new air defence system against the F-117 remains. The Russian anti-stealth tests include radio frequency seekers from surface-to-air missiles and proximity fuses for missile warheads. Russian missile makers Antey Industrial Corp. and the Almaz Central Design Bureau are using the F-117 and modified Russian-made stealth aircraft to test components for the next generation of Russian Surface to Air Missiles (SAMs). Almaz engineers claim its S-300PMU-2 system can locate and destroy stealth targets up to 60 miles away. Almaz is currently trying to sell the S-300PMU-2 to China. Iran has also purchased the SA-10 from Russia. Two units are currently manned by joint Russian-Iranian crews just outside of Tehran. U.S. defense analysts are concerned that Iran will use the SA-10 to protect newly developed Shahab-3 and Shahab-4 missile sites from Israeli or American air attacks.” [25]

Ghareh (Improved S-200 / SA-5) Iran produces (built under licence?) an improved S-200 called Ghareh. Ghareh is a medium-to high-altitude missile designed to track, target, and destroy aircraft and cruise missiles. In addition to its maximum range of 300 kilometres, each missile can reach an altitude of 30 kilometres and speed of Mach 4. Each missile carries a 215 kg HE warhead.

Type: Surface-to-air Based on: Russian S-200 / SA-5 Amount purchased: Unknown.

Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar

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