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US vs Iran

Hybrid War

trailer. Other configuration includes separated towed systems, as well as shelter-based systems, for the protection of fixed sites. The missile is also effective against precision guided weapons and cruise missiles. In tests the missile demonstrated kill probability of such targets ranging from 0.6 to 0.9. ”[26]


Missile dimensions: Length 2.9m; Diameter 0.235m Launch weight: 167kg Propulsion: Single-stage, solid-fuel rocket Operating altitude: 0.01~6km Operating range: 0.1~12km Max speed: 850m/s Guidance: Radio command Warhead: 15kg high explosive Launch vehicle size: Length 7.5m; Height 5.1m; Width 3.3m Combat weight: 34t Engine: V12 diesel Range: 500km Max road speed: 65 km/h Protection: NBC protection Launcher reaction time: 5~8 sec Reload time: 10 min Fire on move: Yes

SA-6 Gainful The SA-6 GAINFUL is a two stage,

solid-fuel, low-altitude SAM. It has radio command guidance with semi- active radar terminal homing. In 1977, a new version - the SA-6b Gainful, was mounted on an SPU medium-tracked transporter. The SPU carries three SA- 6b missiles. and also an associated FIRE DOME H/I-band missile guidance illuminator radar is fitted on the front end of the launcher assembly. A battery is able to relocate to an alternate firing position in approximately 15 minutes from systems being shutdown.. Reload missiles are carried on modified 6x6 trucks and are loaded manually onto the launcher by a crane carried on the rear of the loader vehicle. Reloading a TEL takes approximately 10 minutes.

Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar

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